• FW 7000C0A-EU01_11001

Прошивка на головное устройство на базе Mazda Connect II (ГУ 7го поколения). Для автомобилей Mazda 3 BP и Mazda CX-30 DM.

Версия 7000C0A-EU01_11001

(Ver. 7000C0A-EU01_11001) October 24, 2022 Mazda Dealer Release.

• Screen freezes and goes to white screen, then the system reboots.

• Steering wheel switches and commander switches cannot control the audio system.

• DTC U3000:49 is stored which may be accompanied with following symptoms.

- No sound comes out from the speakers.

- Audio source selection is unavailable.

• When using the navigation with head-up mode, the vehicle icon rotates.

• Beep sounds every after couple of minutes.

• Language setting may not be accepted correctly.

• Traffic Sign Recognition system (TSR) may not show correct speed limit.

• When pressing the mute button, the audio track may not pause.

• The system reboots.

• When trying to play a video file in the USB connected device, the screen may turn black.

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FW 7000C0A-EU01_11001

  • Модель: 7000C0A-EU01_11001
  • Наличие: В наличии
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